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Grant Applications for the 2014 event in London


Grants open our event at the Royal Albert Hall to all those passionate about medicine and healthcare.


The event will maintain a fund to provide financial support for qualified delegates to attend our conference*. This enables us to open the doors of the  community in London to diverse, multi-disciplinary members across health and medicine and also members of the public, who otherwise would be unable to attend the event.

Our event is accessible for front-line medical personnel and others with limited budgets. That includes students, doctors and nurses from small clinics, administrators of small hospitals, paramedics, sole practitioners, NGOs and non-profits.


Our gathering is an equal-opportunity event that is open to men and women of all ages, races, backgrounds and beliefs as conference delegates.

More Grant Applications will be added soon. Enter your information below to be notified as soon as more grants are added.


*Please note that some grants are provided in partnership with universities. These grants are only open to members and students of that university.  If your university or institution would like to offer grants, please contact us.

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Grants for Warwick Medical Students

These grants are provided in partnership with the Warwick Medical School based at the Univeristy of Warwick and are only open to Warwick Medical Students.





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