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NeuroPro is a Swiss medical research, design and commercialization company that brings together cutting-edge mobile computing and innovative EEG data analysis methodologies to create user-friendly, real-time solutions for consumers, researchers and healthcare professionals.


NeuroPro’s mission is to harness the benefits of the digital and mobile revolutions and apply them to the problems of neuroscience to radically improve the way we acquire, understand and utilise brain signal data.Supported by an experienced team of professionals from diverse backgrounds and a growing IP portfolio, NeuroPro’s technologies are unique, employing established computer science principles, such as patented binary pattern matching algorithms, to EEG data in neurological research and monitoring of neurological disorders.


Three major deliverables currently in development are:


NeuroTrail - The EEG Ambulatory Headset

A new generation of flexible, wireless, universal headsets with 1-8 channels for long term capture of EEG and other biometric data, for clinical and non-clinical applications designed for everyday use.


• VMLproEEG - The EEG Virtual Mobile Laboratory

A mobile, cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) providing brain researchers as well as medical professionals with reliable brain discovery and monitoring tools. Built to scale up elastically, the mobile laboratory reduces costs and enhances efficiency for processing, storing, visualising & communicating neurological data


• WiNAM - Epilepsy Prediction

A user-friendly, wireless integrated solution for the real-time capture and analysis of EEG and other biological data for the detection and prediction of epileptic seizures using proprietary analysis algorithms.


With a strong network in the Swiss and international academic, biomedical and IT arenas, NeuroPro has established a number of partnerships to bring additional expertise and accelerate the development of NeuroPro’s deliverables.



Visit NeuroPro’s website to find out more at

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If you’re excited about spreading ideas and promoting your brand to a global audience please get in touch at


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