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Royal Albert Hall


The Royal Albert Hall is the world’s most famous stage. Its breathtaking auditorium hosts over 370 shows a year by the world’s greatest artists. The magical atmosphere combined with inspired artists creates legendary events.


Opened in 1871 as part of Prince Albert’s vision for a centre for the Arts and Sciences, the Hall is a registered charity which operates without public funding, remaining true to his founding ambitions within a modern context. Extending the brand with 200 events outside the auditorium, the Hall has broadened its appeal to younger, diverse audiences whilst still engaging its existing customers.


The Hall also offers the Elgar Room, a state­of­the­art small­scale performance space which hosts performances of classical music, jazz and world music, comedy, dance and hush, a series of gigs for just signed bands throughout the year. In the main auditorium, it offers the Albert Sessions, an initiative that encourages up and coming acts to play at the Hall by offering reduced rental fees to promoters and lower ticket prices to encourage younger audiences to visit the Hall. It also works extensively with schools, young people, disadvantaged groups and partners such as Music For Youth through its Education programme, reaching over 100,000 participants each year as part of its extensive public benefit remit.It has also been appointed by the Arts Council as one of the country’s regional music education hubs.


For more information, please visit


Registered charity number: 254543

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All partnerships with our event afford your brand exposure to an intellectually engaged seated audience of 5000 people and the online audience, both in the run up and on the day of the event. As our brand partner you will benefit from a unique networking opportunity with accomplished attendees from esteemed institutions. They are passionate, open-minded people of their fields, who may lead changes and innovations.


Your company will be associated with creative thinkers, and challenging and progressive ideas. Your support would reinforce your company’s culture and values of personal development. The positive image provided by your partnership will be showcased not only during the event but also via digital media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and our website.


If you’re excited about spreading ideas and promoting your brand to a global audience please get in touch at


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